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Micro Coil Kit Upgrade

Micro Coil Kit Upgrade

Micro Coil Kit Upgrade


At Schure Built Suspensions, we specialize service a couple of different brands of shocks including Factory Kahne and most Afco base shock styles (I.e. Afco, CSI, Infinity Etc.) All Rebuilds include cleaning and inspection of all parts, new seals and shims as well as any upgrades that our currently offered for that application. We ensure the valving meets our tight tolerances on our Maxwell shock dyno. All shocks will come with serial numbered dyno sheets along with an informative tuning guide to help the customer tune the shocks to different track conditions.


  • Non- Adjustable..............$50.00 plus parts
  • Single Adjustable............$55.00 plus parts
  • Double Adjustable..........$65.00 plus parts

We also offer Torsion Bar Dyno services on our state of the art Accu-Force bar dyno. This dyno not only shows the poundage of each bar, it also shows you the compression and rebound forces, which gives you the reaction rate of the bar. Each bar is given a serial number and a dyno sheet. We can dyno bars from 26” to 30” in length and 7/8”, 1” and 1 1/8” bar diameters.


  • $15.00 per bar

Schure Built Suspensions is now offering Torsion Bar Analysis to all of our customers. Torsion Bar manufacturers have told us that when a torsion bar goes bad it doesn't always get softer, it loses it's repeatability and its rebound rate. This is exactly what this dyno tells us. It works by twisting the bar 5 inches and then reading how the bar rates on both compression and rebound.

The Accu-Force Bar Dyno tests bars including micros, midgets and sprint cars. Bars ranging in length from 26-30 inches. So if you have used bars from last year or years past send them to us and have them tested before you buy new bars, because you might already have a perfect bar sitting in your car.